Virtual Volunteers Make a Real Impact

We love hosting Notre Dame law students each fall. But with coronavirus surging, plans for the week long visit changed to a virtual experience. It was wonderful to see the students able to connect with the community, even across computer screens. The third-year law students even assisted clients during a virtual family law clinic.

Here’s what they had to say about their visit:

Thank you, AppalReD Legal Aid, for a fantastic week! We had an incredible time working with Mary and Evan, gaining hands-on experience through the virtual family law clinic, and working on pressing legal issues. Thank you for hosting us, and we can’t wait until we can visit AppalRed in person! – Crissi Wilbur (Notre Dame Law School 3L)

Working with AppalReD Legal Aid was a tremendously rewarding experience.  It was a privilege to interact directly with clients (albeit virtually) and do our best to assist them. My week with AppalReD was an extremely fulfilling opportunity that I would gladly recommend to any law student. – Ryan Murphy (Notre Dame Law School 3L)

My time with AppalReD was one of the most moving and important experiences in law school. It has been an honor to help Ned, Mary, Evan, and everyone else in their service to the community. When the whole world seems to have been put on hold, they work tirelessly on behalf of the marginalized and disenfranchised, and I am glad to have met them.– Joe Cabrera (Notre Dame Law School 3L)

If you’re looking for a meaningful volunteer experience as part of your law school experience for the upcoming semester or summer, fill out a volunteer application online. We’d love to host you and figure out an in-person or virtual experience.

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